Monthly Archives: November 2006

Here comes another Transport Act

On the way to Liverpool, Virgin Trains works like clockwork – yes I know its supposed to be a nightmare of delays and overcrowding, but at least this time it wasn’t. There’s always the return journey to survive though…

The Queens Speech offers us a new Road Traffic Act, but not enough detail yet. Hopefully we will get the details of the Bill before Christmas, I expect moves towards bus reregulation to keep the PTEs sweet, as well as more attention on road pricing – cue the Daily Mail readers poll!

Today the Concessionary Fares legislation is spelt out, after a Tony Blair press launch and its the usual mix of compromise and confusion – can be run locally, with add-ons if your council is feeling generous, but central government powers (surprise, surprise) to intervene – how come the Welsh and Scottish models couldn’t be copied?


Its a small step

OK moving from testing the blog privately to making it more widely available.

Finally got around to read some of the critiques of the Stern Report, its hard not to be suspicious of the reaction of the experts wheeled out to say we can survive with “business as usual” – not surprisingly he responds in the FT…”This review is offered as a contribution to the discussion, not as a final word”

All of which won’t help me reduce my carbon foot print, two round trips to Brighton on Friday and Saturday, one work, one to return Jessica to Sussex Uni in time for Swedenmademe

and the Buell hasn’t been out of the garage for two weeks, which at 25 mpg is probably good for the planet