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Small earthquake in South Yorkshire

The first statutory Quality Bus Partnership is now signed off for North Sheffield and the PTE is ecstatic. Well pleased to be first anyway, to my mind they are putting in a lot of infrastructure and the operators are bringing forward the bus purchases they already had lined up – who is getting the most out of the deal?  Good to see that they will be getting a “Real Time Intelligent Detection system” – I know what they mean but doesn’t sound quite right, just suitably “techy”.

Obviously the eyes of the world, well PTEG and CPT, will be on the this trial – whether there will be lessons for smaller towns and cities remains to be seen, but it perhaps spikes the re-regulation argument for a little longer.


The Long Tail

Chris Anderson explains it all, now all I have do is find how to apply it to my business?

Although in this clip he reminds of  Dave Gorman!

(or if you would rather read the original article from Wired) – yes I know this is old stuff, but few in our business are thinking about it yet…

Manchester C-Charge

Manchester is one of the first cities to break cover with a version of London congestion charge, albeit on corridors, not areas and with all the usual well informed commentary locally.  With only 1 in 10 of the Manchester Evening News readers supporting it are we seeing an early Edinburgh style nobbling? 

In fact the reference is to the Transport Innovation Fund bid, which the DfT announced ages ago and is now thinking about allocating the money. The first round cities were Cambridge, Durham, Greater Manchester, Shrewsbury, Tyne & Wear (Newcastle?) and the West Midlands.  3 new areas were added in November:

  • Notttingham, Derby and Leicester
  • Reading
  • Norfolk (for Norwich)

[Disclosure – my company is working on the Reading TIF bid]

Other bloggers are commenting, a few positively.

What are you optimistic about? Why?

Different to all the New Years resolutions and reviews of 2006 is The Edge “World Question”, What are you optimistic about? Why? 

John Brockman again pulls together an eclectic group of academics, thinkers, tech gurus, etc. – often called the “digerati”:

“Who are the “digerati” and why are they “the cyber elite”? They are the doers, thinkers, and writers who have tremendous influence on the emerging communication revolution. They are not on the frontier, they are the frontier.

Ray Kurzweil, Brian Eno, Jason Calacanis, Esther Dyson, Chris Anderson, – My sort of people!

The 160 responses to the question include many refences to sustainability and preserving the planet, with a few obliquely commenting on transport (I particularly liked the return of commercial sail by George Dyson, for example).

“Fantastically stimulating…It’s like the crack cocaine of the thinking world…. Once you start, you can’t stop thinking about that question.”
— BBC Radio 4