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Its official

Spotted at a Metlink station, Melbourne – apparently the honesty was part of a “viral” campaign in 2005 – um, no mention of how successful it was on the official site?


Virgin Pendolino crash

Re more main.jpg

Pictures from the Cumbrian local paper, I am surprised there were not more casualties on a busy Friday night train – 1 killed, 11 seriously injured. Early speculation is about the track and points.

From  a transport professional perspective it will be interesting whether this has any impact on the ongoing debate about rail ownership, transport safety generally, rail capacity and Virgins bid for the ECML… the unions are putting two and two together already, rightly or wrongly.

East Coast Mainline Bidders

DfT announcement – Arriva, Virgin/Stagecoach, First, National Express – No real surprises, but following my earlier post its worth thinking about how each ot these would actually run the railway for the next 7 years – if GNER couldn’t make the new franchise terms work, will any of these be up to it?

Same timetable, only new condition is a Smartcard requirement, which I would like to understand better – that’s a long extension of Oyster card!


From Peter Scwartz, futurist and scenario planner (!) – A good report on why Davos is important, although not in the way it used to be.

“Looking back over the week it feels like there was little sense of urgency in the world. There was a lot of discussion of the big problems: climate change, water, trade, economic imbalances, the dollar, religious and ethnic conflicts, rising China and India, extreme poverty and many more. But in the background was a global economy that felt fairly robust and from a business perspective times are good and no big threats appear imminent. You might call the mood complacent. There were no obvious big surprises or unanticipated crises.The upside of that complacency was a sense that first of all the problems are well recognized and that we can even imagine how most, if not all can be addressed. There was, for example, a broad consensus that climate change was an urgent issue but the only real question was what was the mix of solutions.

Will it be the same in 12 months time, particulary as climate change battle lines get drawn in the sand?

Buses (not) on track

Excuse the pun but with the protesters (with their own PM’s petition) saying that the the Cambridge to Huntingdon line should be reopened as a passenger railway its obvious the whole debate on Bus Rapid Transit is far from over.

From a disused station to a guided busway

Today the announcement that  Stagecoach, Huntingdon & District and Whippet Coaches have agreed to purchase the necessary high quality vehicles and abide by the rules to use the 25km busway.

Perhaps a station upgrade programme is next, although perhaps a Victorian “look and feel” would work – after all guided bus technology is over 100 years old 🙂 

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

The Web 2.0 video – I have watched it 5 times and still amazed – the new web in 5 minutes… we are indeed “teaching the Machine”.

Thanks to Michael Wesch, assistant Cultural Anthropology Professor at Kansas State University – the man behind Digital Ethnography

and a more traditional explanation