Not 300, but 900


As if stealing the thunder of the 300 Spartans the figure of 900 improvements was broadcast wide and far today – £2.44 bn of Network Rail and other agencies money (well our money, really) is going on schemes all over the country, over the next two years (think of all the weekend line closures!). Apparently this is double the normal spend on enhancement projects. Its all in their 2007 Business Plan launched today.

Some of the highlights of this modern day epic include:

 Airdrie to Bathgate new line: £214m (£300m – funded by Transport Scotland)
Brigg line freight capacity enhancements: £9m (£9m)
Bristol Parkway new platforms: £10m (£10m)
East Midlands Parkway new station: £24m (£24m)
Grays platform extension: £3m (£3m):
King’s Cross extra platform: £15m (£15m)
Manchester airport new platforms: £15m (£15m)
Newport station new platform: £5m (£5m)
Olympic schemes: £109m (£400m)
St Pancras Thameslink station: £78m (£78m)
Trent Valley track doubling scheme (part of West Coast Main Line upgrade): £165m (£300m)
South Wales platform extensions – 42 platforms: £13m (£14m)

Other projects – with total cost shown – include:
Edinburgh Waverley capacity enhancement: £49m
Great Eastern overhead line rebuild scheme: £50m
Gretna-Annan track doubling scheme: £35m
Hull docks schemes: £9m
Luton station redevelopment: £10m
Wakefield Westgate new platform: £1.4m
Virgin West Coast stations car park extension scheme: £90m

Plenty in there to get your teeth into (money for engineers, maybe?) and just in time for the lead up to the local elections, but that would be too cynical – wouldn’t it?

I also have a suspicion that this is an announcement of schemes already agreed and just aggregated for fresh news, but I could be wrong (often am) – comments anyone?

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