Going Underground (yes, an obvious title)

Tunnels are on my mind this week, having noticed for the first time the intriguing architecture of the Mersey Tunnel (Queensway)entrance in Liverpool (after a meeting at Merseytravel in Hatton Garden) and reading about new tunnels between Russia and Alaska, as well as Morocco and Spain. Obviously the Channel tunnel experience is not putting anyone off?

The Alaska/Russia link, at 64 miles would be twice as long as the Chunnel, would have rail, road, gas, oil pipelines and electric lines and would cost $12 billion to build over 15 years – although apparently a Japanese contractor has come forward offering to do it half price ($60m a km!).

40km from Spain to Morocco looks slighty easier, although reuniting two continents after billions of years, confronting immigration fears and delivering this project on time looks less likely. No doubt our competitors are sharpening their pencils to get the quotes out as soon as possible.

Edit:  Sydney Morning Herald reports in depth, identifies a lot of problems – oh dear 

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