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Draft Local Transport Bill

It’s finally here and first impressions suggest that it will equally please and upset both sides of the regulation/deregulation debate. Will do a more detailed review and see what the press makes of it over the next few days…

With the Planning White Paper out for consultation over the same period (summer holidays, not that I am paranoid) we will be busy working out what it will mean for us if it gets enacted unchanged.


Science & Faith

(click to view – no comment from me needed)

No need to get lost in web 2.0 now

Cool map combining my interest in maps and the internerd – even I am not sure about all of the “places” mentioned! Somewhere I have seen a tube style map of the web, must google it…

Getting to the front of the train


Russell Davies used the phrase “getting to the front of the train” in a recent blog and it struck a chord, not because of the transport meaning but the need to stay one step ahead of the crowd. My search of the web, deep reading in science, advertising, ideas, politics just keeps bringing me back to the crowded central section of the tube train. Enthusiasm is one thing, but there is not enough time in the day to be up on everything – which is the frustration. 

The whole “wisdom of the crowd” thing is also proving less reliable and Andrew Keen, the demonised questioner of web 2.0 is making a lot more sense now.

Interactive tube maps


From Tom Carden – not official TfL, just “proof of concept”

“Click on (or select, above) a station to see the London Underground map reorganise around the times of travel from that station. Shortest paths are used to place the other stations – radius is proportional to time to travel, and angle should be correct for as-the-crow-flies direction on a map. The concentric circles are at 10 minute intervals. Press ‘g’ to get back to the geographical tube map”

It does make you rethink the distances on the original (brilliant) Harry Beck map.