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Save the planet by racing cars

Frank Biela and Marco Werner of Germany and Emanuele Pirro of Italy drove the Shell diesel-powered Audi No. 1 car to victory, proving that last years diesel win for Audi was not a one off. The R10 TDI has an all-aluminium, 5.5-litre, twelve-cylinder bi-turbo TDI engine producing over 650 bhp!

As the TDI technology filters down to the road cars I will be trading up to a road going Audi R10 next year… well maybe not.

Proves green motoring isn’t just about Toyota hybrids, either.


traffic lights

From XKCD (again)

Can you tell what it is yet?

What is an Ekranoplan?

Weird Russian jet hover planes from the 1960s:

Change This

The Change This website asks thinkers, pundits and generally brainy people to publish their “manifestos”. I have particular enjoyed Andrew Keen’s pitch against web 2.0 and the cult of the amateur, based on his recent book. Also worth reading How To Be Creative by Hugh MacLeod, who I met recently in London for a few beers (with Robert Scoble) – Hugh dispenses good advice on blogging, cartoons, suits and wine…