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Useful CRM – not an oxymoron?

On my geek pilgrimage to understanding social networking in the context of travel behaviour change I keep ending up at CRM (Client Relationship Management) sites – generally flogging a process and software, but as Jay Deragon reports on his Relationship Economy blog:

Our friend and colleague Doc Searls writes: I just learned by the Ajatus Manifesto that sixty-five percent of all CRM systems fail. Ajatus blames companies rushing to implement CRM. I’m sure that’s true. But I also think it’s possible that CRM itself is flawed by the closed and silo’d nature of the “relationships” involved. As a customer I can only relate to company CRM systems on the companies’ terms. Not on ones that I provide as well — for the good of us both. In other words, the base problem is that the lack of customer independence as a base condition for the relationship in the first place.

The answer (apparently) is VRM, or Vendor Relationship Management – which I am still trying to get my head around – is it still emperor’s new clothes or a genuine breakthrough?

As we develop our CRM I want confidence that the crash and burn of existing CRM systems is noted – you see, that’s why people think I am an optimist.

(Jay’s previous post on Conversational Rivers is pretty good – and anyone who is a mate of Doc Searles is OK with me 🙂 )


I take my R&D role seriously…


Corporate voices

Theres a bit of an internal (and external) debate about the value of “corporate blogs”.  To be honest if its just bland press releases no one will ever read it twice.  Hopefully this blog offers to links to interesting stories, random thoughts, news etc.

There’s very few senior people blogging in our sector (land development, transport) but one I have followed is the New Swindon Company blog, written by Peter James, Chief Executive.  All the rules are followed reasonably frequent updates, personal, honest about successes and disappointments. Other honourable mentions on the development and transport blogging front include…

Disclosure: We are working for AMEC on one of the development sites in Swindon