Bus Driver Blogs

(Image from Bus Driver, the lifelike 3D bus driving computer simulation!)

Its surprising how many bus driver blogs there are and how (beyond the usual comments about passengers and traffic jams) they give a good sense of life behind the wheel. I wrote last year about corporate blogs, usually written by the suits (yes, me included) and with the active or at least passive support of the bosses – I need to read these a bit more to see whether the blokes (yes they are all generally blokes) are taking a stand or getting away with it because bus company managers just don’t pick up on this sort of thing. Most reaffirm my confidence in the people at the wheel – very few “this job would be ok if it wasnt for the passenger” whinges…

try these for size:

The Hampshire megabus driver blog – which first got me exploring this corner of the bloggersphere

All Aboard

Bus Driving

Nik the Elf (a Megabus driver)

To the Regiment

Brighton bus driver

National Express driver

Birmingham Bus Driver

Bus Driver Jimmy

An eye opening account from a glasgow bus driver at http://www.bloodbus.com/

and from a different perspective I am the Passenger

comments welcome!

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