Monthly Archives: September 2008

Kickstart returns

From Ruth Kelly’s (farewell) speechtoday at the Labour party conference:

“And because buses are a vital lifeline to many in our communities I am delighted to announce today an extra £25 million to kickstart new bus services, in both urban and rural areas.”

A bit of digging with DfT suggest this will be new money – yes I know that’s rare – but as always open to a nice little competition, especially if pet topics are covered – “DfT will be particularly interested in proposals that demonstrate how local authorities will use the new bus powers for partnership working in the Local Transport Bill”. 

As council bus men fight to keep their existing services running they will be overjoyed to spend their weekends writing complex business case bids for a 1:50 chance in the Kickstart lottery.

Couldn’t we just have the 25m for the shortfall in concessionary fares payments?

Oh and I marked the Kelly commitment to Crossrail down for further reference – as the last recession was used as an excuse to kill off the first Crossrail scheme – we shall see.

“So that is why the Government will stay true to its commitments – on Crossrail, on Birmingham New Street, on Reading and across the country.”


Non Linear Innovation

Turning to innovation to rescue us from the recession is a common theme in my business and many others now. But do we understand how we get from A to B (and onto Z) in innovating?

Roland Harwood, of the always thought provoking NESTA blogs, has come up with the “comedy bow tie” model:

  • Phase A – Lots of potential inputs. New ideas are simply recombinations of old ideas
  • Phase B – Iterate furiously
  • Phase C – Breadth of market applications

    The middle bit, spinning around until you find the solution, seems pretty true to life, but its still ultimately a version of the funnel model, just with a few more product outcomes.

    [Is this a bit geeky?]

    btw good to be back, had a blog summer holiday while sorting out business and life…