Social capital & the strength of weak ties

Following a RT from the Herdmeister this presentation has much to get your head around.  For me the exploration of weak and strong ties, social capital and norms echoes a book on economics I read on holiday last week ( I know, I have a real life on order, just Amazon couldn’t deliver in time) – Diane Coyle’s “The Soulful Science”.

From the slideshow it looks like the Guardian are trying to measure connectedness, a theme of econometrics geeks as well. As behavioural economics inches closer to social sciences and indeed social marketing there is a niche market opening up perhaps…

Oh and Diane Coyle has one mention of transport planners in the 250+ pages, in the concluding section on where economic research has “improved policy and made people’s lives better”:

“Not all transport planners make use of good economics, but where they have the efficiency and impact of the schemes has been transformed”

Thanks, that will be us then 🙂


2 responses to “Social capital & the strength of weak ties

  1. Hello Bob

    I have just ‘walked through’ your slide show and found it a very worthwhile exercise. In the version I watched there was no sound but this did not detract from the essential messages. If you present this or anything similar publically please let me know and I will come along. One of the reasons I am interested is I have recently joined TVU Further Education Committee and the application of these ideas is immediately clear to me. TVU is planning to divest itself of the two Reading campuses giving rebirth to Reading College. This is a chance for a new start of the college after five years of under achievement by TVU.

    Hope you are well – I am still with RTL but the light draws nearer :0). Any news on Plymouth?



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