About Bob Pinkett

The blog title is from Steven Wright and I think its great on a load of different levels.

“Men are always defined by their jobs” someone once said to me – well I look after sustainable transport and behaviour change at Peter Brett Associates LLP, but also have a “first life” that involves motorcycles, music and my family. My “Second Life” is spent exploring Web 2.0, social networks and “the singularity” as well as converting a traditional supply side engineering business into a demand led marketing business 😉

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Music I listened to last week while blogging and twittering…

Disclaimer: The views voiced in this blog are mine and mine only, so they do not represent the views of my company, my family or my biker mates.

Also I often “borrow” excellent photos from Flickr and just want to record my thanks and recognition, whether under Creative Commons or otherwise. 


3 responses to “About Bob Pinkett

  1. Great blog Bob. Watch out for mine soon! I found you via LinkedIn by the way.

  2. Between work, bikes, music and family I have no idea how you manage to write a blog as well, Bob. I know I haven’t! Well done…

  3. Great blog Bob – I will add it to my favourites

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