The Day After Tomorrow

24 hours after the Climate Change Bill consultation gets published and it’s business as usual – the “rejectionists” are blogging, commenting on blogs, putting out their own videos and speaking on Radio 5. The green voices are welcoming but saying it doesn’t go far enough.

No doubt climate change will be the key topic over the dinner table and in the saloon bar for a few days… well perhaps not, but David Milliband has done a video on Youtube – surely the first time major policy change is announced alongside singing Chinese kids and car crash footage (oh the irony).

(the government is also responsible for some really scary stuff – not the content, but the overwrought style)

Initial reactions from where I sit (based on a quick read and press comment) are that:

  • Setting legally binding limits to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 26% to 32% by 2020 and 60% by 2050 certainly is a world first, but difficult to see how it can be enforced
  • There is still high reliance on new technology to convince individuals they won’t have to change
  • Companies may not like the small print
  • Carbon trading – a business opportunity or a bureaucratic dead end?
  • What about the rest of the world, setting a good example may not be enough

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