Bus /bike interface

Flickr photo courtesy of Tom Burnham

 “These buses were commissioned by the Dartford Tunnel Authority to carry bicycles through that tunnel. The batch consisted of TT 1-5, and entered service on 18 November 1963. Service was already replaced on 31 October 1965, due to lack of traffic, by Land Rovers, operated by the Tunnel Authority. The lower floor was for bicycles, passengers could sit on the upper floor. There were special platforms to enable the passengers to enter the bus.”

When I worked for Kent County Council in the 80s I recall the long debates we had about providing transport for cycles through the Tunnel – the bus above had only a limited life – other fotos on the spotters pages. Now you get a free ride in a Tunnel van – I saw one the other day, hence the reminiscence.

And motorcycles go through for free – probably because its not worth asking them to pull off their gloves, open their jacket and find a quid for the congestion it would cause!

[Anorak now put back in closet 🙂 – well its a wet Saturday afternoon]

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